Walk the Walk Top Fundraising Teams

Following is a list of all current teams in order of donations. Click on any team name for information on that team or to donate to that team.

NameCaptainAmount Raised
Friends of KUFA Raul Stone $7,250.00
You Gotta Be Kidney Me Obadiah Schottenfeld $825.00
FRIENDS FOREVER Yuselin Maknoun $600.00
Team Sickels Christopher Sickels $475.00
URINE Love w Pannucci Nicole Pannucci-Cogill $120.00
Jimmy's Seabreezers Christine Kavlick $105.00
Kidney Kruisers April Vandover $100.00
Psi Sigma Phi Marcelino Jimenez $25.00
TEAM PERRY Nicole Perry $25.00